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Services Offered

  • Stand alone air compressor / booster air pack, 660 CFM 2000 PSI, in singular, tandem, or tridem set up for a total of 1980 CFM of air at 2000 PSI.
  • Dial a rate programmable underbalanced foamer unit
  • Nitrogen Membrane Unit available
  • Casing & tubing scrapers, junk baskets, gauge rings and de-scaling wire brushes
  • Cement, chemical, hot oil, solvent, and stimulation fluid spotting and placement through coil
  • Cleanouts with fluid or foam based, foam based or energized fluids including under balanced
  • Downhole tool conveyance and operation of air, fluid, electrical operated tools and instruments
  • Drilling and milling with down hole motors with foam or fluid
  • Fishing, magnet and lead impression block missions
  • Fracturing sand, water, hydrocarbons and other material cleanouts
  • Hang off of production, injection or velocity strings
  • Hydraulic setting tools for most types of down hole tool applications (cement retainers, retrievable and permanent bridge plugs
  • Installation and removal of CJS Flatpak
  • Paraffin Removal
  • Pipeline cleanouts, pressure testing and pigging assistance
  • Placement and retrieval of production or bridge plugs, packers, tension packers and retainers
  • Plugging, abandonment and salvage operations for well sites
  • Production tubing and casing fluid cleanouts, perforations and installs
  • Re entry of abandon wells

Want to compare the differences between our integrated coiled tubing trucks and other large coil units / stick service rigs? Click here for PDF.

Should our equipment not currently meet your needs please call David to discuss a re rigging.