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Titan Oil and Gas Services, Inc. delivers professional coiled tubing expertise and solutions to our business partners in the oil and gas industry through its integrated foaming units and access to a nitrogen membrane unit through one of our affiliates.  Titan provides practical and innovative field service solutions, delivering solutions through high quality services, in the most efficient and safest manner possible - to meet the growing demands and the ever changing industry needs of our clients.  We pride ourselves on being innovative and adaptive to meeting and exceeding our customers wants and needs.  Additionally we look outside of the box to utilize new methods and technologies such as the Dial a density under-balance foam generator and the CJS Flatpak product.

We cut our teeth in the coiled tubing business in 2005, in the gas fields of Montana, where the gas wells produce 30 to 100 MCF of gas a day.  We have a keen understanding of the well economics and what it takes to offer a cost effective and competitively priced service solution to our business partners.  With this knowledge base we feel that we offer the very best value in integrated coiled tubing solutions when you consider the value and versatility that we bring to the job site when compared to large coil units and traditional work over units.   Since we are a smaller company we can respond quickly to your unique well situation thus we feel that we live up to our motto - “Challenge us to solve it”.  As a side note we were the first company in the world to deploy the revolutionary CJS Flatpak product.

What is “Integrated” Coiled Tubing Services?  We are glad you asked.  “Integrated” coiled tubing service trucks combine an onboard triplex foaming unit, a 660 CFM  / 2000 PSI air compressor, a knuckle boom crane, coil tubing reel and coil tubing injector head --all into one unit.

Why  “Integrated”   Coiled Tubing Services?  Because of cost saving, efficiency  and safety.  The huge cost savings of reduced equipment on site, reduced labor, reduced foot print of the equipment and the time savings of rigging up and being ready to run into the well…..all relate to the uptime the well is available to produce its gas or oil.  Why have a well down for 1-3 days using the large coil unit or stick rig unit when our equipment can be ready to run Downhole in less than 1 hour. We are safer to use because your safety factor is calculated by man hours on a job….fewer men, fewer hours all lead to less risk time which leads to a lower safety index.

Comparison of Titan’s Integrated Coiled Tubing Services to Large Coil Rigs and Conventional Stick Rigs

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